The whole experience felt organic and candid, not posey or forced – something that was so important to us.  What's more, Emilie was right at home with our family, including our two dogs!  Not only do we cherish the photos, but we still talk about the day Emilie visited for our shoot!  She clearly loves her craft, people and children.  Everyone always tells you how quickly your children grow up.  Thanks to Emilie, we have frozen this moment in time with beautiful pictures we will have forever.

anchor, WMTW

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“Our children will be able to look back and see an entire day in their lives. They will see that they were loved. And that they were crazy. And young. And this was us. Then. And we can only smile (and cry a bit) with the thought that one day our children’s children will gaze upon this incredible collection. It is priceless.”

owner, B Merry Events

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When we hired Emilie in 2008 to photograph our wedding, I never imagined she'd become our "official" family photographer. Since then she has shot my bridal shower, our wedding, a day in the life at our Maine vacation home, my baby shower and several sessions throughout the first year of our daughter's life. Emilie has become part of our family and whether we have 10 minutes in a mini session with her or an entire day at our home, she captures the most beautiful, intimate moments of our little family.

co-owner, Gus & Ruby Letterpress

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“Emilie’s work is a gift. Images of tiny newborn toes, wisps of hair, the earliest of family snuggles all the way through toddler chubby fingers, fists clenched full of snails, and mischievous smiles are throughout our home and the homes of loved ones. We may have a small Emilie addiction as we have her photograph a few times a year, but kids grow and change so quickly, and the differences are so evident even if it’s only been a few months since our last session.”

Falmouth Foreside, Maine

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“At a time when life truly feels like such a blur so often, it’s just incredible to step away and actually ‘see’ the objective beauty and specialness of the ordinary moments that make up our life!”

Yarmouth, Maine

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