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June + Hazel

June + Hazel
Life. It gets busy. We obsess about our houses not looking exactly right. Or the kids having bumps/scabs/runny noses. Our weight/hair/wardrobe not as we envisioned. We beat ourselves up. On my way to New Hampshire for June's first year portrait just before she turns two (see above about life being busy and distracted), mom Whitney texted a photo of the girls in [...]

party time in FalmouthSweet P is one

Sweet P is one
Oh, Penelope. Enjoy these incredible legs... I mean fox socks... I mean, everything!... about this little sunshine getting ready for her first birthday party. I can't believe this peanut is one! I loved the chance to capture the start of this Sunday brunch celebration. Congratulations, P, Mary-Erin and Kai!! xo

at home in Brunswickthe B-L family

the B-L family
She's one! Beatrice is one! Our final session in our first year series was a chilly, but sunny Saturday morning. We piled on their bed, jumped on her bed, bundled up and navigated through the woods of their Brunswick neighborhood. I have loved documenting this fun family, and boy, do I laugh so much when I'm with them! Happy 1st, sweet B!

milestone celebrationHarrison’s first birthday

Harrison's first birthday
I remember the weeks leading up to my children's first birthdays vividly... so many shared stories that started with "remember when we..." as we counted down the days and hours. I caught myself doing the same with Harrison, the little love whose entrance I witnessed a year ago. It's emotional, isn't it? And insane how much happens in the first year... from a pooping, [...]