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winter break atDisney World

Disney World
She didn't want to wear the outfits I painstakingly purchased. Heck, she didn't want to wear shoes. She wasn't interested in meals. The only thing she wanted to do with great enthusiasm was take a bath in the hotel room whirlpool tub each night with her mermaid tail on (and meet princesses... and shop... and eat ice cream...). So we went with it. Clara is no[...]

a year without Starbucks

a year without Starbucks
It's here. Today is the day. One full year since the last time I had a Starbucks (or another coffee shop bev). I'm kind of surprised a van covered in balloons with a video crew hasn't arrived at my door yet to shower me with lavish gifts because this is huge, people! Newsworthy! Or at least noteworthy. See, I used to be a Starbucks person. I knew the lingo, had[...]

moving to maine?Maine provider resource list

Maine provider resource list
Moving to the Portland area? YAY! When I first moved here from DC, my best friend (and reason for moving here!) jotted down her doctors, hair stylist, vet and the like on a notecard. It was as good as gold. I kept that card tucked in my wallet and referred to it often as I got settled. Now each time someone I know moves to the area, I do the same! And it occurre[...]

travel tipsDisney World with toddlers

Disney World with toddlers
We recently took our little humans to Orlando, our third time there as a family. Planning a trip of your own? Here's what worked for us. When to go: We work and our kids are in preschool, therefore we need to travel during their school vacation breaks. We used SPG points to book a reservation based on availability first, and then peeked at airfare. OMG, it was o[...]

preschool photo lesson

preschool photo lesson
When Will's class started studying Ansel Adams, he suggested I come in to show his classmates how to take pictures. Gladly! I sat criss-cross applesauce showing the children my own gear and how it works while taking portraits of each one before suiting up for a brief photo scavenger hunt outside. I gave each child a disposable camera to capture something red, a circle[...]

Will's 5th birthdaybecoming a mom

becoming a mom
January 7, 2011 After a week of not experiencing any, I have a day full of Braxton Hicks contractions. I feel nauseous, don’t make it out of my pjs or into the shower. After moving our things back into our bedroom (we had moved into our house a few weeks prior and painters were working on our bedroom), I head to bed at midnight. Don’t get a wink of sleep. Is the i[...]

introducingemilie inc lifestyle

emilie inc lifestyle
I met Olivia back in 2000 when we were both working at USA Today. She was a reporter, I was a photographer. We were assigned to cover the Miss America pageant, more specifically the 24 hours following the crowning of the new winner. We were up all night attending press conferences, meet & greets, down-time in her hotel room with her family, soon breakfast and then[...]