Fall portrait wardrobe inspo

Watching those leaves hit the ground out your window, too? Yup. It’s happening. We have a few weeks left of the glowy splendor before our trees will be barren and Stick Season commences in Maine. Are you on my calendar yet for your family photo session?

  1. Text or email me asap before you get distracted by something else flashing on your desktop.
  2. Don’t stress about what to wear. Family photo outfit inspiration is a hot category on Pinterest and places like H+M literally have you covered with a Picture Day Style page. No need to reinvent the wheel!

Generally, this is what I advise: Do you.

You don’t want to look back on these images and feel like you pulled out all the Sunday-Best stops for the sake of this session. I want you to look and feel wonderful. Comfortable. Confident. Depending on where we meet up, you’ll likely be on the ground at some point or toes in the sand, so be sure you aren’t too formal. Flowy is FUN (dresses, skirts, scarves, hair, earrings) and I always recommend avoiding distracting patterns, graphic tees or bold (and potentially dated) colors. Neutrals always win.

Have any doubt? Shoot me a note or a phone call and we’ll talk through it. And if your little refuses to wear shoes and must wear the same thing she wears 5 out of 7 days week after week (sound familiar in anyone else’s house?!), so be it! Let’s capture that sacred uniform for the memory book. The love between y’all is really what we’re after anyway.


other clothing recommendations: Boutique Little, Portland | Alice + Ames

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