The first step

Last month I attended the Rodan + Fields national convention in Nashville and have been hearing Rachel Hollis on repeat in my mind. During her keynote, she reflected on the not-so-unusual coincidence of standing up and calling your next shot, only to be nearly immediately hip-checked on the path you thought was straight and narrow to your goal.

A few weeks ago, I joyfully proclaimed my return to blogging, a simple but legit weight on my heart for the past several years. I’ve been blogging since 2005 and at one time it was a daily practice, a happy ritual. I’ve missed it.

So what happened next?

My son broke his arm.

On the morning of mini sessions!

That same week? A massive wind storm.

And no power for a few days.

It was a 1-2 punch I wasn’t ready for and am still adjusting to as we ready for elbow surgery to “put the ice cream back on the cone” this coming week.

It’s 12:01a (oh man, it’s 12:01a!!). I haven’t blogged in a few weeks. I’m failing before I even got (re)started!

So what do we do?

We learn from the struggle. We find the blessings in the challenges. We feel the love and company of neighbors and friends when we’re low and need extra support. Or a recliner so William can sleep more comfortably. We put one foot in front of the other and move forward.

Because forward is forward no matter the pace.

This darling family came to Maine for the weekend to attend our fall mini sessions at Falmouth’s Town Landing. Loving this soft palette!