June + Hazel


It gets busy. We obsess about our houses not looking exactly right. Or the kids having bumps/scabs/runny noses. Our weight/hair/wardrobe not as we envisioned. We beat ourselves up.

On my way to New Hampshire for June’s first year portrait just before she turns two (see above about life being busy and distracted), mom Whitney texted a photo of the girls in their pjs. Let’s do it in jams!, I replied, always happily embracing real life as the most important goal for aiding their little memories in what childhood was like.

So with stains on shirts and corners of mouths from carrot snacks before I arrived (guys, that’s the good stuff!), we played. June mostly wanted to snuggle (oh my heart) and Hazel wanted to twirl. I was able to witness their playfulness, their curiosity, their bond. Life right now. Even maple syrup on snow. Yum.

And then we threw up a quick white backdrop to hopefully nail a holiday card portrait or two. You’ll have to watch your mailbox for their final selection on that!

Be you. Be messy. It’s the best gift for your family!