author portraitLibby Chamberlain

In late October I was invited by one of my brides to join a secret Facebook group started by one of her college friends, a Mainer, to discuss wearing pantsuits to the polls on election day. How clever, I thought, and gladly joined.

Within that group I found an extended family, of sorts, during the lead up and days following the election. It quickly grew to be so much more than its intended purpose, swelling to nearly 4 million (!) members in a matter of weeks. I, like everyone was, was obsessed. It was (and is) a beautiful, supportive, hopeful and helpful space.

The group’s purpose has evolved over time and, in just a few weeks, an exciting new chapter: a book launch! I was honored to take the portrait of Pantsuit Nation founder, and now author, Libby Chamberlain. Look for it in bookstores and online May 9th!

Make-up by Alison Bogannan of Artisan Hair Studio, South Portland.

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