Pantsuit Nation book release

It’s late. But a little something special happened tonight that I wanted to be sure to share before my head hits the pillow.

Longfellow Books hosted a release party for the Pantsuit Nation book. PSN founder, book editor, Mainer (!!) Libby Chamberlain was there to speak as well as a few of the moderators and local activist groups. And yes, lil ‘ole me stood up and, rather ungracefully (learning to be a better public speaker has been on my short list for a long while!), shared how meaningful and important a role PSN has played in my life in the past six months. Endlessly grateful for the community it has created and the safe space to share, grow and learn.

Hop down to Longfellow and get this book. Your coffee table will thank you for it (as will your daughters, mothers, girlfriends, strangers).

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