postpartum careJessica Thomas

So, you know that time right after you’ve had a baby and life is a blur and you never thought women actually meant it when they said getting a shower in when you have a newborn is a big accomplishment but it turns out they were right? That beautiful, messy, sleep-deprived, angry, awesome overwhelmed bliss?

Enter Jessica of Ballast & Buoy.

She’s a postpartum fairy godmother/grandmother/best friend for hire to help you navigate this transition. Helpful for those without family nearby or a partner with a generous leave time or those simply craving, you know, time for a nap without a baby on your chest (who knew?!), Jessica will help keep you calm, your fridge stocked, your belly full, laundry pile at bay and that insanely cute peanut happy.

She’s sprucing up her website with a brand refresh and asked me to capture a bit of her working her magic.

If you have friends in the Portland area who expecting, listen up, THIS is what they need but don’t know it yet!!

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