introducingEmmeline Rose

She came early. And quickly. No time to pack a bag. No matching outfits, mama said, for when I visited. The onesie she wanted Emme to have on? Hasn’t even arrived in the mail yet.

Welcome child #2, am I right?

No matter, because all I see when I look at these photos is love.

It’s been a thrill to document these two starting with wedding dress shopping all the way through the joyful introduction of their second daughter. Alyssa and Nick, I adore you and your darling family. Thank you, thank you for bringing me along for the ride all of these years (you, too, Nancy!).


  • Nancy Kavanagh said:

    Gorgeous photos, Emilie. Thank you for capturing so poignantly these precious memories for a lifetime.

  • Kathleen Connors said:


    Thank you so much. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

    Kathy Planeta Connors

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