Red barn pop-up

I’ve oogled over this darling red barn since the new owners painted it this delightful cherry red, imagining it as the perfect backdrop for a first snowfall holiday family portrait. With mini sessions selling out as quickly as they did last month, I dropped a note asking if they might be open to having me photograph a few families at their property (something I have never done before!). They were!! I quickly checked the weather and planned for the following weekend, announcing my idea on social media with an online sign up. To my surprise, 22 families wanted in on that very first day’s announcement! WOW! I likely could have doubled that number (like I used to do with the mini pop-up for Birth Roots in years past where I photographed 70 families in 3 hours!), but opted to keep this group at 5 minute sessions each for a two hour sprint.

Friend Whitney (and Gus + Ruby Letterpress co-owner) helped facilitate the flow on the day of, keeping families organized and little ones hydrated and hands happy with lollies and snacks. Five minutes in front of the camera can seem too quick or an eternity depending on the setting and the weather, but on this day it seemed just right. The sun was shining and there was hardly a breeze, just seasonal shadows of boundary trees who had just lost their leaves two days prior in a big wind storm. We lucked out! I was pleased to deliver 40-60 images to each family with a variety of focal lengths, poses and expressions. As a collection I am enormously proud to look through and see what we all created in so little time. It warms my heart to know that these images might adorn holiday cards and gift boxes under the tree next month. It all goes so very quickly, and I’m moved by the honor every time I’m allowed to witness and pause and show how beautiful you all and your love truly are.

Thank you for making the drive, for scrambling to sign up, for bringing an open mind and enthusiasm and fun. Cheers!