What is lifestyle photography?
It’s you being you! Drop the model poses, the matchy outfits, and the grinning-and-bearing-it smile to capture your family looking like you do every day. You and your little people, comfortable at home, smiling and laughing (and maybe even melting down, too). ---
Will you take any traditional family portraits?
People smiling at the camera? With me directing? Yes. For about 15 minutes. Maybe 20 or more. Usually toward the beginning of the session so you can free the small humans and get back to being yourselves (conversely, mini sessions are mostly all directed given the length of the session).---
What is the typical investment?
I offer photography packages to fit a variety of life events, with shorter sessions —  two mini sessions days (spring and fall), baby showers, birthday parties and newborn hospital visits — starting around $350. Documentary photography pricing varies based on the length of the session, from $850 for a family session to $3,600 for a full 10-12 hour day chronicling your family.---
Do your sessions include digital images?
Yes! You’ll receive a password to download images from a private online proofing site. Many families also enjoy a photo book to display their lifestyle session and build a library of memories over time. I’m here to help you decide the best way to display your art in your home, whether that be with canvases, a wall collage, or an album.---
Where will our session take place?
I photograph you as you are at this moment: your routine, what brings you joy, how your family connects with each other. The most authentic way to do this is in your home, where you and your family feel most comfortable. Schedule activities like making breakfast, working on a craft project, or playing outside to keep the session (and your little ones) moving.---
Do you travel?
Absolutely. I’m based in Cumberland Foreside, Maine, and love to travel (local travel is billed at $50/hour from 04110). Have a few friends who might be interested? Adopt me for a few days and I’ll come to your city and spend time with each of you.---
What time of day should we schedule our shoot?
I always suggest when 1) your children are the most playful (for mine it’s in the morning, not, say, just before dinner. And definitely don’t skip naps!) and 2) when your house features the best natural light (I don’t use flash for this style of photography. So open up those blinds!). A full Day in the Life session is an entire day.---
What should we wear?
Whatever you feel best in! Do not feel like you all need to be catalog-ready. Or have your house picked up perfectly for that matter. There is beauty in the chaos.---
When will I be able to see our photos?
Two weeks after our time together, you’ll receive a link to an online gallery for sharing your photos and purchasing products.---
I have another question!
Send an email or call, whichever is easier for you! I would love the chance to connect with you. If you’re looking for an engagement session, wedding photography or even some help with lifestyle corporate imagery, reach out!---