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June + Hazel

June + Hazel
Life. It gets busy. We obsess about our houses not looking exactly right. Or the kids having bumps/scabs/runny noses. Our weight/hair/wardrobe not as we envisioned. We beat ourselves up. On my way to New Hampshire for June's first year portrait just before she turns two (see above about life being busy and distracted), mom Whitney texted a photo of the girls in [...]

Samantha maternityat home in Portsmouth

Samantha maternity
A few months back, Sam wrote to me that she couldn't stop thinking about a maternity session I had done. And how she wished she had more photographs of her own mother when she was pregnant. To not only see what her mom looked like, but her childhood house. And could I do that for her, due with her first child in October. Absolutely! I wept as I edited this set, knowin[...]