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Red barn pop-up

Red barn pop-up
I've oogled over this darling red barn since the new owners painted it this delightful cherry red, imagining it as the perfect backdrop for a first snowfall holiday family portrait. With mini sessions selling out as quickly as they did last month, I dropped a note asking if they might be open to having me photograph a few families at their property (something I ha[...]

Fall portrait wardrobe inspo

Fall portrait wardrobe inspo
Watching those leaves hit the ground out your window, too? Yup. It's happening. We have a few weeks left of the glowy splendor before our trees will be barren and Stick Season commences in Maine. Are you on my calendar yet for your family photo session? Text or email me asap before you get distracted by something else flashing on your desktop. Don't stress abo[...]

introducingEmmeline Rose

Emmeline Rose
She came early. And quickly. No time to pack a bag. No matching outfits, mama said, for when I visited. The onesie she wanted Emme to have on? Hasn't even arrived in the mail yet. Welcome child #2, am I right? No matter, because all I see when I look at these photos is love. It's been a thrill to document these two starting with wedding dress shopping all the[...]

Mother’s Day pop-up

Mother's Day pop-up
Five years ago an idea was hatched to offer photo booth style portraits to mamas and their littles (and partners and grandparents and whomever else wants to squeeze in) as a fundraiser for Birth Roots in Portland. It has become a beloved tradition, a grab-bag of magical moments and typical toddler fodder all in the name of a good cause while capturing two minutes of t[...]

winter break atDisney World

Disney World
She didn't want to wear the outfits I painstakingly purchased. Heck, she didn't want to wear shoes. She wasn't interested in meals. The only thing she wanted to do with great enthusiasm was take a bath in the hotel room whirlpool tub each night with her mermaid tail on (and meet princesses... and shop... and eat ice cream...). So we went with it. Clara is no[...]

introducingJune Holbrook

June Holbrook
I remember texting Whitney about our potential plans to go to Mexico for a family vacation. "Go, go!" she encouraged. Gosh, but the possibility of missing her second daughter's birth weighed heavy. Fortunately that little love was in sync with the idea, too, as she arrived just before I left the country. I had the pleasure of not only meeting and photographing sweet J[...]

newborn freshJohanna June

Johanna June
Ooooo... what a fun little morning with this sweet family, recent transplants from New Orleans. Desmond (named after a reggae singer... this kiddo is destined for coolness) at 2 and big brother to weeks-old Johanna June are the same ages as my children when we became a family of four, too. What a tender, beautiful, raw new normal to navigate. It was a pleasure to meet[...]

postpartum careJessica Thomas

Jessica Thomas
So, you know that time right after you've had a baby and life is a blur and you never thought women actually meant it when they said getting a shower in when you have a newborn is a big accomplishment but it turns out they were right? That beautiful, messy, sleep-deprived, angry, awesome overwhelmed bliss? Enter Jessica of Ballast & Buoy. She's a postpartum [...]

party time in FalmouthSweet P is one

Sweet P is one
Oh, Penelope. Enjoy these incredible legs... I mean fox socks... I mean, everything!... about this little sunshine getting ready for her first birthday party. I can't believe this peanut is one! I loved the chance to capture the start of this Sunday brunch celebration. Congratulations, P, Mary-Erin and Kai!! xo