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healthcare professionalCarrie

Carrie is launching a new online business and needed a fresh professional headshot to go with it. Not too formal, approachable and on the coast were our goals for this 2010 emilie inc. bride who once lived in Maine but is now in western New York. We started in the Urban Dwellings shop (thank you, Tracy!) and then moved down to the Eastern Promenade trail. Dodging some[...]

author portraitLibby Chamberlain

Libby Chamberlain
In late October I was invited by one of my brides to join a secret Facebook group started by one of her college friends, a Mainer, to discuss wearing pantsuits to the polls on election day. How clever, I thought, and gladly joined. Within that group I found an extended family, of sorts, during the lead up and days following the election. It quickly grew to be so mu[...]

lifestyle headshotNicole Boucher

Nicole Boucher
You guys!! This is Nicole! My former office manager! She went out on her own earlier this year and is killing it consulting creatives. Check out her confidence in this little walkabout we had last night around Bayside to make a new headshot. The wind, the warm weather, her curls and make-up (holla, Alison!). It was all working. And so much fun. Congrats, Nicole!! xoxo[...]